Compatibility with the standards software

  • PlanetVO
  • Eurolinéa
  • DCSNet
  • Spirit
  • CardiffVO
  • V12Web
  • I'Car DMS
  • I'Car System
  • Fiducial V-Mobility
  • datafirst
  • eCARS21
  • MecaBoost

After-sales customer service: Car maintenance and Promotions

Keep your customers informed of service appointments, promotions and sales events!

Display can also be configured to provides valuable information to automotive technicians.

An "unlimited" number of listings can be displayed (limited by the hard drive capacity). That information is updated in real-time through the internet. Display of after-sales customer service listings meets each manufacturer's graphics standards.

Our online service, dedicated to after-sales customer service, is aimed at both the primary and the secondary professional network.

Used-car showroom

ecran showroom
80% of customers shopping for a pre-owned automobile go directly to a car dealership.
Source: BVA/2013

Modules are ideal for the dealership customer lounge. They can accommodate a touch screen for full interactivity through an advanced search engine.

Used-car display

Mosaic VO
Affichage VO

Listing of pre-owned vehicle inventory is automatically updated nightly. Multiple-location inventory can be displayed in order to better fulfill customers' needs.

Display window (touch-screen optional)

ecran vitrine tactile

> The solution to limited space !

Modules are designed for urban car dealerships with heavy foot traffic but little space to maintain a large, on-site used-car inventory.

Pre-owned vehicle inventory is displayed via a multiple-parameter search (make, model, year and km) on the optional touch-screen. Unlimited number of listings.

Custom your screen as you want

Affichage VO

Add some ads about your product, some promotional video, picture of excusif product directly on our back office

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