Inform your customers

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For restaurants, show the Menu, prices, real time ! Online ads management works from our website Dynalive.

Display window for retail

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Digital signage is used very often for retail to communicate to customers through the window. It can show all the store offers such as the range, news, promotions...

The window can be arranged with a display wall installed in both portrait and landscape.

Reception screen

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Digital signage for retail can inform customers about prices, schedules, events...

Video wall

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The ultra-thin pictures of indoor wall display is the ultimate way to distribute any type of communication such as product catalogs, advertisements or any type of communication...

The display wall can be made with the number of monitors the store needs (example above in the shoes store "La Halle" with 4 monitors 46'').

It also allows the brand to assert its brand image and move upmarket.

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